Subject: Paradores
Hi Richard, you are very welcome, please note that in my first mail the address was wrong the right one is , ...yes they offer many deals, one by the way that I do not think would fit you is for people over 60 it is called Anos Dorados, and that gives a 35% on B&B in most cases, ...I also found out that often when checking in, the front desk clerk would come out with some extra offer, like have dinner and you get this and that, or if you stay two night... ...the restaurants are not inexpensive but usually good, ...their buffet breakfast is exceptionally good. The have not only the usual -eggs,bacon,breads, cakes, fruits etc...- but an extra table dedicated to the local products, including great cold cuts, sweets, etc....fresh tomatoes and several kinds of superb olive oils to go with them,...who can have lunch after this?...In POrtugal the Pousadas are not as good as in my opinion, they offer no deals of any kind as far as I know and they consider the Seniors only if they are from the Common Market, breakfast are not as nice at least in the ones I stayed. i agree with John and others that Spain is a great destination. One thing about hotels they might have one star or only the stars in the sky but they ll be spic and span clean ...Buena suerte.