Subject: Re: Driving in Spain &Portugal

> We in New Zealand hear differing stories on driving in Spain and Portugal. Is it that bad? An opinion from someone that normally drives on the left side of the road, would be most helpful.

Hi Richard.

Sorry but we have never been to Portugal. As for for driving in Spain, we have only driven around Catalonia and it is no problem. Knowing you have already driven in France you should not find much difference, as I tell Geoff (perhaps nag) just take your time. Wherever we have driven, I include the UK, there are idiot drivers! (Eating, drinking, using mobile phones, reading maps, etc.).

Even though we have the car we normally use the local train or bus services into cities to save the hassle of parking and that goes for Spain, Italy, etc. Although we always take the car into Paris (France) and never have any problems parking!

We would love to spend some time further South in Spain but as you know by know we don't fly so driving just South of Barcelona is all we manage these days, oh! to be 20 years younger!!

You will love Spain, firstly for us, the people are so so friendly and welcoming and the scenery is gorgeous, the food is pretty good to.

Keep safe Linda &Geoff Wales (who will be in Clermont Ferrand, France a week today)!!