Subject: Re: Driving in Spain and Portugal
Hi Richard,

We are Australian, but we also enjoy having our own transport when travelling overseas. My husband usually does the driving when we are in Europe, with me trying to navigate, and most of the time we have no problems. Our first experience of being on the opposite side of the road was, after collecting our hire car from Lisbon airport, and driving across their massive bridge in peak hour (a bit like the Sydney Harbour Bridge!).

After that, the rest of the country was a breeze. In Portugal, we found their major highways were well marked and many dual carriageway. Some of the Portuguese drivers were a little scary (but that happens every where). Also in Portugal, except for Lisbon, the cities are reasonably small and easy to navigate around.

In Spain, we drove only from Algarve to Seville, Malaga, Cadiz and back to Algarve. Again the highways were great, but coming into Seville have the maps ready, its a bit of a nightmare. Seville was absolutely beautiful and I'd love to return. Being on holidays and driving, making a wrong turn has landed us on many occasions in some wonderful spots, and getting 'off the beaten track,you get to see how life really does go on. Have a great time.

Regards, Michelle and Tom