Subject: Re: San Francisco
Sally, I concur with those who've recommended hotels in the Union Square area. Also, like Fran says SF is a great walking city. I've literally walked across town on several occasions. But there is always public transit (buses, cable cars, trolleys, BART) when your legs and feet get tired.

The hotel that Susie suggested (The Prescott) is part of the Kimpton Group of boutique hotels ( Although we've not stayed at the Prescott we have stayed at three of their other properties; Galeria Park, Hotel Vintage Court, and the Cartwright. We've always been pleased with them. And we've obtained rooms at these properties using Priceline for a rate of between $60 to $80 per night for a double. We weren't able to specify the property (just the area of town). But on the four occasions we've used Priceline for Union Square three times we've ended up in a Kimpton Group property. The fourth time we ended up at a Hilton.

If you have any other questions about my favorite US city, please ask.

John Rule San Diego, CA