Subject: Folegandros, Sifnos and Santorini
At Piraeus be prepared! When the ferry docks, everyone gets off at once (cars, people - some animals, etc.) This is quite an experience! Then everyone and cars, board at once. Keep your tickets on your person at all times as you may be required to produce them during the trip!.

It's difficult from Santorini to get to Folegandros and Sifnos (but very worthwhile) There are slow ferries but it is possible to not spend the day on the boat...

On Santorini, besides the excavation at Akritori, do have a look at the small provincial museum in Fira - It's quite nice and has (as does the main Archeological Museum in Athens) wonderful Minoan goodies.

We took a ferry to Naxos and a Flying Dolphin to Ios ( rented a jeep and drove to the opposite side of the island to spend the day at the beach -- which, incidentally, was enough for us) The road there was much less than perfect (not paved and very rutted) and it took us a very long time to drive. However, late in the day the ferry returned and we went onto Folegandros (special place)

In Oia, we had one of the most romantic meals ever at a tiny taverna called: Cantina Coletta -- at the base of the stairs leading down to the Ammoudhi Beach. (Or, it can be found very near this point) It was a perfect, balmy night -- stars out, water lapping the shore and the taverna's string of little white lights twinkled around the perimeter of the terrace. We picked our fish: calimari steak -- and it was prepared (as is most fresh fish on the islands) with olive oil and fresh thyme and oregano which grows wild on the islands -- A Greek salad and local wine completed this wonderful experience!!!) Wild flowers abound at this season and it's truly magical! I'm sure you know that the Port Police know everything and can really be a help with the inter-island routes!!!

Regards, Susie Newton