Subject: Barbizon Hotel - NY, NY
Hello: Here is the opinion of one New Yorker about 63rd/lex in NYC. First of all, this is a relatively safe neighborhood with Bloomindales two blocks away and on 59th and 3rd a strip of fine movie houses. At the same time there are taxis everywhere,nearby and major subways to take you anywhere .You are located in the heart of Manhattan, with Central Park and 5th ave two blocks away right near the Plaza hotel -go there for a great breakfast. During the day you are in the hub of commercial stores, flowing traffic and you can walk anywhere in this area without fear of any crime as you would find anywhere in any city. Just be aware normally of being in a city. You can walk down or up 5th ave from your location in a few minutes. You are ten minutes away from the Museum of Modern Art, and fifteen minutes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Don't miss either. You are only five to thirty minutes away from the finest restaurants, but get the Zagat guide to NYC restaurants to point out your selection. The subway is located at 60th street and 5th ave, and you can take a leisure bus ride down 5th ave to the Empire state building, or lower manhattan for the Soho scene and there you will find many excellent and expensive restaurants. Or take the train to the World Finance Center and see the new yacht basin and a beautiful view of the harbor. You will also find a subway in Bloomingdales as well to take you downtown or uptown. In any case get a guide book now, and plot your major points of interest. Otherwise, you are in a relatively safe and central location to get anywhere by bus, train or just walk down 5th ave to Rockerfeller Center (ten minutes) or St. Patricks which are both landmarks not to miss. This is a great city, full of life, and excitement and now its up to you to explore it. Have a great time