Subject: Hotel Santa Caterina, Best Rooms?
Hi Leslie and all Ziners,

Leslie wrote:

> listed the numbers of the best rooms on the back.
> If you did to stay there, EMAIL me and I will provide
> you with the room numbers.

Leslie, I too would love to have those numbers. Because the Hotel Santa Caterina has been given such good reports here and in other forums, I have it in my Siena file, and plan to stay there if we visit Siena.

There are probably so many of us that would be interested in your info; would you post it once online and perhaps you won't have to be filling private requests all week-end long?

I have listed my favorites, and what I consider the best, rooms at the Hotel Ala in Venice on TheTravelzine Hotel and Destination Database. Knowing which rooms to book can make a huge difference in a hotel stay.

Grazie, Debbie