Subject: Re: Barbizon Hotel - NY, NY
Hi Everyone,

One other nice thing to do in the area is to walk to 60th and 2nd avenue and splurge and spend $3.00 for the round trip tram ride to Roosevelt Island. The ride takes about 4 minutes each way, and offers stunning views of Manhattan and the east river. There is nothing to do on Roosevelt Island, other than enjoy the view of Manhattan, or visit me because I work there, but the tram ride is a great experience. Also, if you are serious about food, I would recommend TimeOut New York's annual guide to eating in the city. I like the Zagat guide, but the TimeOut guide is much more comprehensive and better on finding newer, and less expensive places. These two books, however, stand well above all other ones that I have come across. Don't waste your time with the NY Times guide. The book is out of date and not very useful.

Have fun in New York.

Jonathan Chimene