Subject: Re: Re: Hotel Database - how to access?
Hi Larry and all Ziners,

The Zine Hotel and Destinations database is an exclusive Zine feature on TheTravelzine YahooGroups web site. The database is maintained by Callie Black and contains personal recommendations by and for Ziners. Callie is always happy to receive your submissions by email

The database can be found at where you'll also find the text of the automatic monthly reminder called Hello New Ziner, which has all the important instructions for managing your Zine subscription including how to access the Hotel and Destinations Database if you forget. ;-)

**It is necessary to have a Yahoo I.D. associated with the email address that you use for the Zine in order to access any of the information that is on the TheTravelzine YahooGroups web site.**

Just a reminder, many of you are causing our unpaid moderators to work overtime sending you personal reminders about deleting extraneous quoted material from messages you send to the Zine. In most instances, your message is self-explanatory and there's absolutely no reason why Ziners overseas who pay dearly for their time online should have to be pay to download messages that they've already read. Please be considerate. Thank you very much.

Regards, Linda and Don