Subject: Portugal/Spain websites
Hello! Myself and three friends are planning a trip to Portugal and/or Spain for early-mid-October for about one week. None of us have been and we aren't sure where to start. Just from what little (very little) we know of the history and geography, we think we would prefer to stay in the Andalucia area of Spain--we are interested in the historical Moorish/Islamic influences in the architecture and culture.

A few questions: o Should we be prepared to be wet and soggy in October? o Would it be feasible to spend time in both Spain and Portugal in one week (we are *not* in a rush to see it all we want a leisurely vacation, but also want variety)? o What is the best mode of transportation? We would prefer to not rent a car. Are trains reliable and ubiquitous? o How far in advance should we book hotels? o Any hotel recommendations? o What websites can you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Erina in Amsterdam