Subject: Re: Questions re Paris
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Hi Helen,

>>1) Can anyone recommend a good and trouble-free ISP I can connect with in Paris ISP for 2-3 months. Is it simple to do, or is there likely to be a problem with that?<<

I have used consistently for the last 1 3/4 years (even from the US). They have a website where you can register (which just means they will send you a cd with the software and/or a sheet with the settings if you are more sophisticated, can set up your browser and email program, and don't need the software). I think you need a french address to receive the info. The dial-up is free as the name implies and all you pay is local connection time charges (the phonecall). Other than that one, there are several other free ones-- is another.

>>2) Are local phone calls in Paris timed - I mean, is there just one charge no matter how long the phone call is, or does it cost more the longer the phone call is?

Yes they are timed. I think it is about 14 centimes per minute maybe less at night. There are internet call plans with france telecom which charges a cheaper rate (1/2 price during certain hours) on calls to your ISP.

>3) Are there any classical music concerts we're likely to be able to go to really cheaply?

I will get back to you on this one. There is some system of standing room but I have to investigate it. I'll let you know.

XX Jami