Subject: Re: Money Money Money
Hi Sue,

If you have an ATM with a four digit numerical PIN from one of the major banks, you should be able to use it to obtain local currency from ATM machines with no problem. We have gotten into the habit of using the ATM machine immediately upon arrival so we are ready with what we need for transport into town. If there's any doubt in your mind (i.e., if you haven't used your card in a while), double check with your bank that your card will work from abroad plus test that your password is correct. Of course, make sure that you leave more than enough $$ for your needs in the account that is linked to your ATM card.

Ever since we started using our ATM card for obtaining local currency (and VISA card for charging wherever possible) we have had no need to use the U.S. and Canadian cash we still take with us for an emergency (such as if our cards are lost or stolen). If you have USD on hand, take them in addition to CAD. Banks will exchange both so there's no need to convert CAD to USD before converting to drachmes or lire (every time you convert, the bank takes a cut, either in the rate or via a commission).

Regards, Linda