Subject: RE: Money Money Money

>> Ever since we started using our ATM card for obtaining local currency (and VISA card for charging wherever possible) we have had no need to use the U.S. and Canadian cash we still take with us for an emergency (such as if our cards are lost or stolen). >>


We used our ATM card in Paris, and it worked beautifully.... instructions in English, an ATM right by our hotel in the Saint-Germain area and everywhere else we wanted to go. However, we were really glad we had the few traveler's checks we took as back-up for the Brussels part of our trip. We walked all around looking for a machine that would take our card, but we found that either the machine was out of order or it didn't take Cirrus. We cashed our first traveler's check in the airport, as the ATMs there were down, and it was a Sunday, so the banks were closed.