Subject: Re: Money Money Money
Hi Sandy,

> We walked all around looking for a machine that would take our card, but we
> found that either the machine was out of order or it didn't take Cirrus.

According to there are 3 Citibank locations in Brussels where cards on the Cirrus network can be used.

Since experience has taught us that xxxx happens, we will continue to take some cash even if we have to shlep it around in a pouch (under clothing) and arrive home with it at the end of the trip.

and SUE,

Sandy brings up a good point. Check which network your bank card is linked to, either CIRRUS or PLUS as it will affect which ATMs you will be able to use.

Also, I notice that there are a ton of ATM locations in Istanbul, but none in Cappadocia so get your lire in Istanbul.

Regards, Linda