Subject: Re: Portugal/Spain websites
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> Andalucia area of Spain--we are interested in the historical
> Moorish/Islamic influences in the architecture and culture.

> A few questions:
> o Should we be prepared to be wet and soggy in October?

I can't answer your other questions (I drove around Spain and Portugal) - I just wanted to say make sure you go to the Mezquita in Cordoba. Even though a cathedral was built in the middle of it - it's still an awe-inspiring structure! The Alhambra in Granada is also gorgeous - I was there during one of my rain days (tho it only rained a few hours) and it was still beautiful.

I went the end of September, beginning of October - it rained only 2 days out of 22.

Personally, I don't think I'd try for Portugal and Spain in a week - that may be a little rushed.

Marguerite in Chicago