Subject: Northern Italy
Hello Ziners:

As our date for Italy is getting close I have a few specific questions. We will be arriving in Venice on May 27th for two nights. We then pick up a car and have to be in Florence on Friday, June 1st. I've been collecting information from the Zine over the last few months from which we've made some plans. Callie suggested some of her fave places were Bassano, Treviso. Castlefranco Asolo Marostica, Mont Grappa and Paolo recommended the western shore of Lake Garda. Since we have 3 nights to wing it is it possible to see the towns Callie suggested - end up at Lake Garda and then drive Friday a.m. by the fastest route to Florence airport to change vehicles by noon/1 p.m.. We like moseying around so don't know if this is too much driving. Callie are there any recommended b&b's/hotels we should not miss in this area and Paolo do you have a specific village/town - b&b/hotel on Lake Garda. To all you well travelled Ziners and Italy experts I'd welcome all views. My thanks to all the Ziners, (Larry you had me drooling over your description of cypress trees) I think I've collected about 18 pages so now to condense!

We've rented an Opel Astra SW for 3 days - will the boot hold 4 pieces of regular size luggage?

Does anyone know how we can obtain tickets for the Galleria dell' Accademia. At the mo I don't seem to be able to find a sight in English. Found Weekend in Florence site but not sure if this is a reliable sight to purchase tickets.

We're staying at the Hotel de L'alboro in Venice and the Golf (all we could get) in Florence - any comments? In Venice we're told we should take the water bus (not taxi) to our hotel.

I'd welcome all comments, information, advice from such a well travelled group.


In sunny Toronto, Canada