Subject: Venice to Lake Garda

The driving time from Venice to Lake Garda is probably 2 hours, maybe 2 1/2. You could easily stay in one of the towns that I mentioned, perhaps Asolo or Bassano and see the other towns that sound interesting to you. Head east one day and west the next.

My favorite hotel in that area is the Villa Cipriani in Asolo. It's quite pricey, but if your travel agent gives it a try, you might get a deal. We have never paid over $200, and the published rates are up in the $300-400. It's truly a fabulous hotel and worth a splurge. Bassano is more likely to have lots of other hotel options than any of the other towns that I mentioned. I have always visited there on my way to somewhere else, or as a day trip from Venice so I don't have any recommendations.

Don't forget that all these little towns close up during the lunch break - from noon to about 3 or 3:30. We always try to be on the road during that time.

Have a great trip,

Callie in New Orleans