Subject: Re: Osteria La Pievina (was: Tuscan Hill towns)
Bill Yes, you remind me that it was signed as Osteria La Pievina. We found it listed as da Miretta in the Gadogan guide-the one that lists thirty or so restaurants in Tuscany and Umbria. It also said that they served meat dishes on alternate nights, and we thought we just got lucky with the seafood night.

We envy you being able to visit 3-4 time a year.

Can you find out the names of the tree women who run the osteria, and in particular the woman who acts as the hostess?

Driving back to Monti Benici at 1.00 am, across country from Asciano, was not one of the easiest trips I have ever made, but good practice for later in July when we stayed on in Cortona for the two last nights of the Umbrian Jazz Festival, which finished at 1.00 am, and we were faced with getting across country to the Siana-Perugia road in the dark, and then head back north (an hours drive in the dead of night in Tuscany produces adrenalin in hugh quantities)

The vino bianco realy was excellent. We discovered that even the supermarcetos sell wines for L6,000 ($us2.50), that is the best value for money in wines we have sourced anywhere in the world. Here in Australia, we can still produce excellent wines for as little as $us4.50. It was explained to me that much of the improvement in quality in Italian and French wines has been due to the number of australians working in europe, and the implementation of techniques that allow for the production of reasionable wines form very ordinary vintages.

I will have to give the Grappa another try.

thanks Gavin