Subject: Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone,

I just joined your group today and wanted to say hello. I'm from the Boston, MA area. I've planned a trip to Europe for the beginning of July with my adult daughter and have been reading everything that I can so that I'll know what to expect. As a young girl, I spent a few summers in Italy and went to England and Italy on business a dozen years or so ago, but haven't done much traveling recently. That's all about to change.

We're starting out from Boston to Paris for 3 nights, then to Alicante, Spain for 1 week at a lovely villa, then 3 nights in Barcelona and finally 1 week in Rome. This trip is a gift from my company for 25 years of service. They've booked all my flights, hotels, the villa and a rental car in Spain so we're all set. All that's left is planning the day-to-day activities---Where to go, what to see and where to eat (most importantly).

Anyway, I look forward to reading more about everyone's travels and hopefully, when I return, I'll have some exciting experiences to share. By the way, I speak Italian fairly well and used to be fluent in French. I'm hoping that it all comes back to me once I'm in Paris.

Ciao a tutti,