Subject: Re: Adelaide
Hi Kate/Carol,

Just a little more info. The day trip isn't all that expensive, and I wouldn't expect overnight costs to be much more than around $A100.00. The S.A. tourism office can give you package details.

What to expect? The ferry lands on the northern (sheltered) side of the island. The bus will take in the magnificently rugged southern beaches and cliffs. The vegetation consists of fully formed and proportioned trees that are stunted to only a height of a meter because of the fierce gale force winds that come up from the Antarctic. They get taller and taller as you progress inland, till they are at their natural height of 10 meters or so. One of the beaches has a large colony of sea lions, and you can walk on the beach among them. On the furthermost headland (near the lighthouse), there are magnificent wind sculptured rocks, and viewing platforms to watch the seals in the surf below. There is a koala sanctuary, but given that the koalas have taken over the island, and they are now having to consider culling them, you shouldn't have trouble seeing them in trees all over the island. Koalas aren't native to the island, and were introduced. They have taken over, and in an attempt to avoid having to cull (kill) them, they are trying to identify forests on the mainland where they could be moved. The problem is that their digestive systems are such that they can only eat a limited variety of gum leaves, and there aren't enough forest on the mainland to accommodate them.

There is also a tea tree oil refinery, and a variety of sheep farms etc. Even in the cold with a strong wind from the south, the scenery is spectacular, and it is a unique experience.

Cheers Gavin