Subject: French camping grounds?
Hi everyone,

Another question re France - last time I was there was 20 years ago; we were campervanning &I don't remember ever seeing in French camping-grounds, what we call on-site vans, (that is, caravans which belong to the campsite, which one can hire for the night for accommodation), or cabins - small cabins which one can also hire for a night's accommodation, cheaper than a hotel.

Does anyone know whether French camping grounds have anything like this nowadays? If so are they cheaper than hotels, as they are in other countries?

I need to decide whether to spend money on an International Camping Permit, in case we decide to do a few overnight trips out from Paris - the availability of this type of accommodation would make this more likely, and justify the price of the ICP.

Anyone with information ASAP, that would be great - our departure date's approaching fast!!

Best to all,

Helen (Adelaide Australia)