Subject: Osteria La Pievina / Niki de Saint Phalle / ATM
Gavin, I'll call Wednesday and get you the names - they are closed today and tomorrow. Umbria Jazz is a great time to be here, as is June when Torrita Blues starts. I'll pass on your message to Angolino - the wonderful little contodino who works for me and makes our wine - about the Aussies being responsible for the great wines here in Italy. I do have to pass on to you that the new Australian ambassador to Italy, and his wife, were in our Italian language class with us for the month of March. We shared some great meals with them - absolutely delightful people.

Niki de Saint Phalle - We went to see this great sculpture garden last week - the French artist is Niki de Saint Phalle - she did the sculpture in the fountain in Paris beside the Pomipdou Museum with the big lips and surrealistic figures. My and I are both art lovers and Niki's sculpture gardens were well beyond our expectations. One sculpture was nearly sphinx like in style - covered with mirrors and ceramics and inside it was the house she and her husband stay in - complete with the bedroom inside one of the breasts. Need I say more? Afterwards, we stopped for lunch in Porto S.Stefano for lunch on the Mediterranean at a restaurant one of our friends here had reccommended. Lovely town. After lunch, we stopped by Porto Ercole to have a glass of wine at IL Pellicano - very, very expensive, but one of the most gorgeous hotel facilities I've ever seen - right on the sea. We'll definitely go back to stay when that feeling to splurge overcomes us - even though our 2CV didn't quite fit in with the Ferraris and Jags in the parking lot.

ATMs - Most USA banks have a $300 per day limit on ATM cards, but if you feel that you might need more for a special purchase one day, just ask your bank to raise your limit on your ATM. The only challenge of relying solely on an ATM in Italy, is that some days here the ATMs don't seem to work - what can I say, it's Italy. Also, I've had two different friends who have had their ATM cards eaten by the machines, so having more than one way of obtaining funds is a necessity.

Bill Sutherland Montefollonico, Italy