Subject: Re: ATM problems
<< The ATM systems are probably much more reliable these days, but the lessons I learnt were 1) take at least two different cards with you, from two separate banks, and from different banking networks if possible 2) if at first you don't succeed (with an ATM), DON'T try and try again! >>

I agree with every word. We've been using ATM's for years with one problem in a small bank in Spain. My husband repeated a transaction when our money did not come out the first time (only the debited receipt did without the funds).

After checking with the clerk, he repeated the transaction - this time, successfully.

The clerk gave us his card, signed the first receipt that we received no funds and we went on our may. ...big mistake!!!

When we returned to Boston, two debits came through on our account for the same amount on that date. After months of our banks negotiations with the the bank on the Costa Brava, they credited us with the amount that we never received. They were unable to get an honest response from the clerk at the bank who didn't remember the incident at all...

We were told to demand (get a policeman if necessary) to have the machine opened and counted if this happens again. They will quickly find out that there is an error and correct it. This is another good reason to use ATM's (if possible) when the bank is open.

Good luck to all of us!! Susie Newton, MA