Subject: Re: Venice to Lake Garda
Bassano del Grappa has some other wonderful reasons for a special visit. At this time of year, I would include their White Asparagus Festival, when the tender young shoots are featured in many of the restaurants. The Belvedere, nest to the Belvedere Hotel, Piazzale Generale Giardino 14 (tel 0424.524.988) features white asparagus as well as delicious sauces in their dishes. Faith Heller Willinger in Eating in Italy lists Severino Castellan as a contact for the Festival, tel 042.533.043. The festival runs till June 13th. Bassano del Grappa is also home to a terrific ceramics museum, worth a special trip, as well as home for several schools which teach the art and science. As a result, the town is filled with shops that sell exceptional ceramics, among the best in the country and the world. There is a great shop just over the bridge on the left, that has many treasures at very reasonable prices. Lastly, and not least, Bassano is credited with the creation of the intoxicating liquor, Grappa. There are a couple of museums, with ancient equipment and exhibits, and there are MANY shops who sell samples and bottles of the elixir. It makes a memorable souvenir or gift. Our own experience indicates that Grappa is even more delicious when it is put in the freezer, and poured out ice cold. Hope you have fabulous trip. Roy, Wanda and Dena Faires