Subject: Re: Vancouver questions
Hello Patricia:

I traveled to Vancouver about two years ago,and maybe some of my experiences may be of help to you. First, there are buses that will take you downtown. In fact they had the most friendly bus drivers I have ever met. Every time I took the bus it was a relaxing trip with beautiful views everywhere. The city is surrounded by white mountain tops that are visible everywhere you go.

I stayed at the university, UBC, University of British Columbia. I loved it. They have a wonderful museum of First Nations art (never say Indian) on the campus that represents the first native tribes. The collection of First Nations art includes totem iconography that has no equal anywhere . During the summer they rent the individual campus rooms at UBC to anyone, and the cost at that time was about $22.50 US dollars per night. Frommers guide on Vancouver and other guide books you should review to get an idea of what you want to do. Also the bus ride was very comfortable, and I always came back to the campus to see the sunset from the top floor of my residence.

It is very easy to get around Vancouver. I would recommend you take advantage of the boat rides that go to Victoria, or the seabus that takes you to North Vancouver where you can get a bus to Grouse Mountain where a tramway takes you to the top of the mountain for a great view. You should visit Stanley Park which is really a forest. I walked around the entire park,and actually was lost in the forest for twenty minutes. In any case this is a wonderful city to visit as long as you select your itinerary carefully. You will actually see killer whales in Vancouver harbor. The only strange side of my travels thru Vancouver were why there were so many young teenages all dressed up in punk style, sitting on the sidewalks looking so drugged out. They were just sitting in the middle of downtown Vancouver looking like the Punk characters I have seen in the worst sections of NYC.

The poverty side of Vancouver you may not see at all, but be aware it is there. I just stepped around and over them, and went on my way. The people I met who lived in Vancouver were overly friendly and laid back. It was a beautiful experience for me to be there and take those boat rides to Victoria, which is a wonderful quaint town. There is one park there that someone created just to grow every type of rose flower you can imagine. At night the concerts are held at the harbor as the sun is going down. Time seemed to stop for a while in this area. And latter on my return trip, I took a boat ride (great large ferries,open to the sky,and clear green waters from the glaciers)instead of flying out of Vancouver, I took the boat from Vancouver to Victoria, stayed overnight and then took a 3 hour leisurely ride to Seattle where I connected to my return flight. That fresh air I collected in several thermos bottles is still with me!

Have a great trip to Vancouver.