Subject: Re: Nashville
The BBQ in Nashville is not anything like NC, Georgia or Texas. It is more along the Alabama style, smoked and pulled pork and served with a red tomato based sauce. NC is smoked, chopped and vinegar with a pepper/vinegar sauce. Georgia is with mustard sauce and Texas is, well, Texas.:)

As I told Michelle, try South Street, near Vanderbilt, on 20th Ave S. A bit hard to find but a great place for not only BBQ but other food and a fantastic clientele mix. Everything from bikers to people in Rolls Royces. Very busy.

Jimmy Kelly's for the best steak in town and the best corn cakes this side of heaven. Off Elliston Place, again near Vandy.

I lived around Nashville for 20 years and went to school there and this town has really become cosmopolitan while retaining its charm and country. One of my favorite places to visit. See the Parthenon, just to see Centennial Park. Visit Belle Meade if you can, or Traveller's Rest. The Ryman is very interesting---to think it was almost destroyed! Market Street downtown is a great example of a recovered district that was truly just a bunch of old riverfront warehouses 10 years ago. It has just about everything. Percy Warner Park is a great nature place, along with Radnor Lake. And pick up one of the free street scene magazines and pick some spot with a low cover charge and no telling who may end up playing music. Bluebird Cafe in Green Hills is a well known spot that attracts lots of different musicians, but the fun in Nashville with the music is just picking spots and sampling--some great, some rancid!!! Enjoy the Athens of the South.

Rudy in coastal NC