Subject: RE: Hello Everyone
Hi Joanne,

Welcome to the list :-) What a wonderful way to begin your trip! And how nice to be able to travel with your daughter. My husband and I just went for the first time, and it's something we've wanted to do for over 30 years.

All that's left is planning the day-to-day activities---Where to go, what to see and where to eat (most importantly).

The Louvre and the D'Orsay were closed due to strike when we were in Paris -- a couple of weeks ago -- but since we'd gotten the Carte Musée -- the museum pass that gives you access to many Paris museums -- we visited a few of the smaller museums. The Cluny, the Carnavalet, and Rodin's home were all worth seeing. As for where to eat, we had the most wonderful croissants and a great view of Saint-Germain Bd. at Café de Flore almost every morning for breakfast. We loved watching the very professional waiters there and at Café Deux Magots. Our favorite restaurant was Le Petit Zinc, at 11, rue Saint Benoit, about half a block from Café de Flore and, coincidentally, half a block from our hotel too. I'm told they are known for their seafood... my husband and I both had grilled fish. Mine was grilled sole, and it was wonderful :-) The excellent meal was very reasonably priced. Here's the website if you'd like to check it out:

Anyway, I look forward to reading more about everyone's travels and hopefully, when I return, I'll have some exciting experiences to share. By the way, I speak Italian fairly well and used to be fluent in French. I'm hoping that it all comes back to me once I'm in Paris.

Oh, that's wonderful :-) I felt that just our short, conversational course helped. I'm working with a CDROM French learning program now to improve learn more. Something we found very useful was the France Telecom Télécarte. We had purchased an international plan from AT&T, but it was much more expensive, and this was so much easier. We bought the card at the tourist information center on the Champs Elysées, near the Arch de Triomphe. It's on your left as you're facing the Arch. The card can be used for local and long distance calls... just dial 00 to dial out of the country and then the long distance number. Here's their website if you want to check it out:

We were only there for 4 days, but we purchased a Carte Orange, Zone 1-2 transportation pass. It gave us unlimited travel on the bus or metro, and boy did we use it! Sometimes, just to rest our feet or get out of the rain. We bought that and the Carte Musée at Le Gare Nord, but they're avialable at all the big metro stations. Here are a couple of websites that should prove helpful:

Good luck! I know you'll have a wonderful trip :-) Sandy