Subject: Re: Tanglewood
Hello Elaine: You know you can buy general admission to Tanglewood for less than $10.00 and sit on the outside lawn so make sure you bring a picnic basket as the lawn looks like a victorian outdoor party with everyone picnicking with everything from candelabras to balloons. Its great fun. Secondly, prior to reaching Lenox you should visit Stockbridge as they have an excellent playhouse set in a country style. At thesame time, go and see the newly rebuilt Norman Rockwell museum with his original paintings. Down the road from the new museum is the home (open to the public) of the sculptor who built the Lincoln Monument in Washington D.C. and you can visit the home and see how Lincolns statue was created. There is also a path through the woods with sculpture hanging from the trees. Its very unique. The landscape surrounding Lenox is very beautiful. You can make reservations to actually stay in someone's home rather than a hotel.Get in touch with the Chamber of Commerce as they are very helpful. In one half hour you can drive to the top of a mountain to get a great view of the Berkshires,and there is a lake and boating near by. Once again,get information from the Chamber of Commerce about all the theatre and cultural activities to do in the Berkshires including Lennox,etc. I go every year for the special quality of this area. I hope this may be helpful to you. Regards, Larry