Subject: Re: Siena Hilltown Dining
Mary Jo:

I'm sorry to have missed your post last week about your stay in Rapolano Terme later this month. A wonderful friend lives nearby in Serre di Rapolano & we stay in an agriturismo just outside of town that's perfect for us (& where we will stay again in Sep this year). There are many wonderful places for dining in the little hill towns, but for a simple evening meal, drop in at San Rocca in Serre. Family run, with locals coming &going with much brio, it is not fancy but very pleasant. Pop into the kitchen after you've eaten to tell them how much you enjoyed your meal (& I hope you will have done so) &you'll get an enthusiastic response. The restaurant is on one of the steep streets in the old part of the village, near the tobaccanist's. The central part of the village is very old &will only take a few minutes to visit, but it is sweet. My friend's house was built in the late 1300's.

Market days in R.T. &Serre are great fun &I'm sorry to say I can't remember which day of the week markets are held, but any local can tell you!

In the Co-op in R.T., I had a conversation with one of the employees that has stuck in my mind. Here we are, returning to Italy yet again because of all those wonderful things we cherish: the way of life, the food, the art, the weather, the language, &secretly wondering how we could spend more time there. She is dreamily sharing with us that some day she wishes she could meet an American man who would marry her &take her to the US to live!

Gail In Eugene but never for long.