Subject: Re: Favorite Britain?
Hi Debbie, I hope you are recovering quickly. I know there is nothing better than travel planning for whatever ails you.

Here are my three cents for London since it seems you are going: Sir John Soanes Museum, the Wallace Collection, and the silver vaults. All are free.

For the rest of the country, our favorite place was Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. The rest of Yorkshire is great too. Lots to see and do. If you decide to include this area, I will dig out my trip books for specifics.

We just got back from our trip to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. I have not had time to write about it yet but we have already planned a return trip for next Easter break, the soonest we can manage to return. It was wonderful! You might put this on your planning list, too.

Take care and get better quickly, Janet Riverview, FL