Subject: Re: California Hot Springs?
Dear Amelia &Ken: Congratulations on your new jobs and your vacation plans. Your itinerary is interesting. I can comment on the Santa Cruz coast and redwoods; I am homesick for your destination of northern California.

This URL can give you some information regarding hiking and bicycling in the Santa Cruz area. It is the site of the local Sierra Club Chapter. You do not have to be a member to hook up with a day hike that meets your needs (seashore, redwoods, length of hike). Sierra Club groups sponsor hikes in all areas of California (and other states and countries).

Santa Cruz has several colleges of the University of California. The campus, located above the town, is lovely. Festivals and theater are held up at the campus. I don't know if it is still true, but at one time, it was possible to visit the large community garden.

The town of Santa Cruz has good public transportation as well as pleasant pedestrian areas. The weather along the north California can vary in the summer: There can be hot days; as well as some cool foggy days; and sometimes an afternoon of cold wind from the ocean. It should not rain at all during the summer.

Nearby Big Basin State Park has visitor information and visitor programs (guided walks, etc.) held throughout the summer. There is also a network of trails (some from the redwoods and down to the sea).

Can some interested Travelsziner comment regarding hot springs?

Have a good time! jane in Stuttgart