Subject: Re: French camping grounds?
Hi Helen With regards to french campsites we have stayed on many over the past 20 years or so. The facilities now are great - you can have small, quiet, sites with a pool, table-tennis and little else or large sites with pools, lakes, entertainment, cyclehire, restaurants etc etc! We now always rent the largest mobile home they have

Although we always travelled with camping companies I know that on the sites there were mobile homes and cabins that were rented by the site rather than owned by a travel company. 2 websites that might be useful are and They are english speaking sites and give loads of detailed information. I had a quick look and for instance you could rent a cabin on a site in the south of france for about 300 a week (3,100FF) for 4 people and a car. I'm not sure you need an international camping permit if you are renting directly from the site. Have a wonderful holiday and bonnes vacances Sally Somerset UK