Subject: Re: Budapest
Hi Julie,

I am on my way to Hungary soon. I will be there May 30th - June 26th. Pilvax is little more money now. April 1st, their prices go up every year. But if you call their hotel direct and speak to the manager you may get a better rate. I have a friend who works there, her name is Szilvia, Sylvia She worked at the front desk, and answers the phone also when she is working. Tell her hi for me if you talk to her on the phone. Alice from America I first meet her when she worked at Liget Hotel. Also when they answer the phone they do speak Hungarian first, but that is not a problem, as I know they also speak English too. They don't like to say they speak American, it is English to them. I learned the hard way! Pilvax is small, but very nice and great location too. Like someone else said here too.

I found a room through IBUSZ several years ago, while there on my first trip. The family I stayed with and I are very close now and I stay with them, when I go there. Cuts out the middle man. It is so cheap! Even through Ibusz.

I love them as my family now. I pay them direct. We go out together sometimes too, It is like getting free tours to booth! I was always given a key to come and go as I pleased. It was a little ways from town center, but so great because I also got to see other parts of Hungary. Oh yes, I am relearning my Hungarian too. But I have a long way to go. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions. Alice