Subject: Favourite Britain
Hi Debbie:

I've got to get a plug in for my beautiful home county (Derbyshire) which has many beauty spots for walking and hiking. Chatsworth House and the surrounding countryside is well worth a visit and one of the specialities of the area that you won't see anywhere else is well dressings held in some of the lovely stone built villages. Tissington is the must famous.

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some of these guides give the places and dates for this year's well dressings but I know you're not planning to go until next year. My suggestion would be May - I think it's nice the have the longer days - sit outside a quaint pub and have a drink after dinner and chat to the locals (who you'll probably have a hard time understanding!!). You'll be close to Yorkshire and all it's wonders especially York and the lovely dales, bleak moors and also the Lake District.

Barbara Toronto, Canada