Subject: RE: Chicago restaurants
Jan &Mark asked for a restaurant recommendation in Chicago.

Personally (and the rest of my family will second the motion), I cannot imagine going to Chicago without going to the Berghoff which, I believe, is just off State and Adams in the Loop. It is now about 110 years old. Unless things have changed fairly recently, it does not have any other locations and is strictly family run (Gary Berghoff, one of the actors on M*A*S*H is part of the family). I love just about everything it serves on its vast menu, which does include steaks, fish, and German food. It also serves its own brand of beer and bourbon. Part of the fun is seeing the same waiters for literally decades, just like in European restaurants.

I thought I was an addict until my daughter, who I brought up right, spent a weekend in Chicago a few years ago and ate there five times!

I used to go to Chicago yearly for academic conventions but, unfortunately, the groups I am active in meet in different places so I must enjoy the Berghoff more vicariously.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology UT-Arlington