Subject: Re: Rome subways
You pay for admission as you enter although, I believe, there are various options like day passes. There are no zones like in London.

However, Rome is not served extremely well by its subways because they (wisely, IMHO) decided against destroying possible archeological sites in the process of construction. For example there is no stop near the Piazza Navonna, which is one of our musts. At the same time, there are stops near other popular sites like the Spanish Steps and the Vatican.

Rome does have good local bus service though. Your hotel can help with telling you which number to catch. I am somewhat less of a fan of the cabs. For example, it is not enjoyable to watch your cab driver get into a protracted argument with a police officer about not being able to get through a street while the meter is running when he is near enough to your destination to let you out first.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology UT-Arlington