Subject: Chicago restaurants
We had dinner at Arun's last trip to Chicago, and it was an amazing experience. There were 6 appetizers, 5 entrees, one soup, four desserts and impeccable service. The menu is fixed, but we did have some say in how spicy we wanted our food and any things we did not eat. Consequently, we ended up with more entrees than usual. The presentation of the food is incredible. My favorite was the thin horizontal slices of carrots carved into flames standing up in something wonderful. The restaurant itself is lovely - very simply decorated and peaceful. Tables are widely spaced even though the building itself is rather small. The cost is a fixed $75/person, excluding wine, etc.

The downside is that the restaurant is about a $25.00 cab ride from downtown Chicago. Add that to the cost and it becomes a rather expensive excursion if you don't have a car. I think it would be more fun with a group also - two people just can't discuss the food nearly as much as it deserves.

Callie in New Orleans