Subject: Dublin
Galway is one of my favorites. But Dublin is great, too. I have not spent extensive time there, but I did travel alone (20-something female) and I never felt uncomfortable. I had nice and helpful cab drivers, bus drivers, and B&B hosts in Dublin. I never experienced rude service at a restaurant or pub. As for dirt, well it does accumulate in a city. Galway probably appears cleaner because a major road was closed off to Disneyfy the main shopping/tourist area. I guess it depends on what you want out of a trip to Ireland. Many people go with images of cute baby lambs, picturesque cottages, and perpetually cheerful residents. Those folk are often surprised by Dublin, a large, busy, and dense city with a booming economy. Dublin is very cosmopolitan, very European, and very vibrant. Galway is vibrant in its own way--it's a popular university town with a young, hip population. The personalities of Dublin and Galway are very different--I recommend you visit both :-)

Erina Amsterdam