Subject: Back from Ireland
Hello all. I´m back from a week spent travelling across Ireland. Pretty enjoyable, because I got to see all my old friends, and the weather was wonderful (hailstones the first day, but afterwards not a single drop of rain). It has been difficult to come back to a colder Spain.

I´ll write a travelogue, but a few things migh interest you :

1._ The National Parks are all closed due to the foot and mouth disease. For example, you cannot visit the lakes of Killarney, Phoenix Park or Glendalough, but Powerscourt and Blarney are open to the public. There are disinfecting mats in most of the places. 2._ I have found it quite expensive, especially eating out, and sometimes it doesn´t really deserve it. 3._ We tried a hostel in Galway. The best thing I can say, is that we had to stay out side in the beautiful weather most of the time. I don´t think I will repeat the experience. 4._ I had to book a hotel in Dublin for last Saturday just a day before leaving. Our plans had changed, and I was really afraid because this past weekend was a bank holiday in Ireland and the UK. Well, we were really lucky. We got a weekend offer at The Towers in Ballsbridge, the 5 star brother of Jury´s Ballsbridge. Only 89 pounds per night (up to three adults in the room), including a complimentary light breakfast of croissants, brown bread, juice and coffee. And a really wonderful service. Well worth thinking of it. 5._ Limerick is nothing special. I knew it, and I have been reassured on my opinion.

Well, that´s all for the moment. I´ll try to get up to date with TheTravelzine life.

Kind regards from Covadonga Bilbao - Spain