Subject: Travel to Cuba

Yes, caution is in order for US citizens visiting Cuba without an official letter of invitation for cultural purposes & without a visa. But it's not impossible & a visit is well worth it!

A flying visa is granted to visiting Americans: a piece of paper inserted into the passport. The passport itself must not be stamped. Use US dollars (never a credit card).

Will your friend be arriving by sea? If so, different rules apply: for boats legally cleared to dock at Havana, a US citizen can stay up to 72 hrs if he/she doesn't leave the boat basin area. I'm not sure about harbors other than Havana, however. I stayed on a boat down on the Isla de la Juventude (there was nowhere else on the island with an available bed!), &all the other boats were non-US flags.

I was thinking about how I could squeeze in another Cuba trip this year just last night, so your post really gets me yearning...

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