Subject: Dublin
Hi Peter - whatever you do don't miss out on Dublin. As other Ziners have said, its fun, young, cosmopolitan, lively - and just grand (as they say). I took a group of fifteen 17/18 year old girls and they had a terrific time! Everyone was charming and the service was impeccable. I hate to say it but the drunks and rude people were probably the English who have adopted Dublin as a Stag/Hen night venue and go over to get drunk on Guinness! The rest of Ireland is diverse and charming. Edinburgh is certainly a wonderful city too! Have a great trip. you must take the bus tour in dublin which is such a laugh and great value. We also went on an evening walk which was organised by a company called Zozimus and we laughed until our jaws ached! It was a sort of history/ghost evening walk and hysterically funny. Cheers Sally Somerset UK