Subject: Travel to Cuba
To my knowledge, U.S. citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba as long as they do not spend U.S. currency while there. That is why so many Americans fly on all inclusive package trips out of Canada which are prepaid thus they do not have to spend money while there. For the last two years, these have been flying out of the Windsor, Ontario airport and there are all sorts of Michiganians crossing the river to take these trips. They also fly out of Toronto and Montreal so lots of New Yorkers also take advantage of them. When you take the exchange rate into account, it's a cheap vacation and there's nowhere else I've been where you will find friendlier people. I believe also that they can request that their passports not be stamped. If your friend has a valid reason for being there, I know the U.S. government makes exceptions in certain cases. You might want to check this out with the State Dept. We've been there once and it was one of the best vacations we ever had. I know that travel to Cuba is not looked upon favourably by a lot of Americans so please don't shoot the messenger!