Subject: Travel to Cuba
Judy: On every flight we've taken to Cuba out of Toronto, it seems there have been US tourists and we have met quite a few who have flown from Mexico or other carib islands. What we heard (again, not written in stone) about the passport issue was that either a separate sheet that can be removed is used or passport is stamped with something that reads Bank? so there is no determination of destination. US dollars are graciously accepted .. in fact the only currency used by tourists, but Cuban currency received as change will not be changed back to US dollars, so use take small bills. No traveller's cheques or credit cards on US banks can be used. I believe there were two travel forums with great info strictly on Americans wanting to visit Cuba but for some reason they have disappeared at the moment or at least I can't locate them??? Not much help I know, but if your friend has the opportunity, it's a beautiful island with very hospitable people. Havana is an amazing city to tour, but suggest he hire a reputable guide for the day and not try to wander too far afield alone. He may be able to contact a travel agency in Jamaica to get valuable info as I think they handle these requests all the time. Anne Burlington ON