Subject: Travel to Cuba
The trip we took was seven days in length and was four days at the beach and three days in Havana. We were permitted to go outside the resort, etc. but ate all our meals in house as it was an all inclusive. There are so many options available now and many more restaurants and the travel restrictions have eased quite a bit. I know all kinds of people who have been to Cuba - a good friend of mine just got back a few weeks ago and she went to an island off the coast and really enjoyed it although it was isolated. My daughter and her husband honeymooned there for two weeks eleven years ago and would love to go back. The only complaints I've heard were about the mediocrity of the food. Our food was varied - beef, rabbit, pork, various types of seafoods, excellent soups and the best ice cream I've ever tasted. The breakfasts were not much of a treat though - they don't know how to cook eggs!

There are so many hotels and vacations offered that the best bet for anyone wanting to go is to pick up the latest travel brochures from Sunquest which I believe was one of the tour operators running the trips out of Windsor and Toronto. They have also refurbished the golf course at the former DuPont estate in Varadero and are charging U.S. prices for green fees - ah, capitalism!!