Subject: Greece
I got the names of two hotels in Piraeus from the same sister - so anyone who needs accommodations in Piraeus, might want these: Savoy: tel: 011 30 1 4384580 Fax: 4264588 (right on the port - businessmen's hotel - but it will be comfortable and within walking distance of an early boat, if necessary.)

Mistral (this hotel is not near the port but is in Piraeus and is on a Bay) - tel: 011 30 1 4121425 or 411 0175 (they don't have a fax)

I called then faxed my CC to get a confirmation - as I figured if people were getting stuck at the port, (if the boats stopped... which they sometimes do) we'd have a room. This is more than our usual $28/night - $80/night for a double with full bath and breakfast and the AC. It's somewhere to put our heads after the ordeal of traveling to Athens - and then getting to the port.