Subject: Re: Tuscany Questions from a new member
Hi Ed,

I have stayed near Pienza several times. In fact, I am renting a house there for two weeks in the Fall. There are many nice places to stay in the area. Are you looking for a house/apartment, hotel or an agriturismo??

Pienza is an absolutely gorgeous area of Southern Tuscany. I recommend eating at:

Pienza - Trattoria Late di Luna- (at Porta al Ciglio end of Corso Rossellino) Basically, it is located at the end of the main street. There food is wonderful and reasonably priced. Go early if you want to get an outside table or make reservations.

Montepulciano- Diveo &Maceo- it is on your right as you enter the gate. Wonderful stuffed pidgeon. If that is not to your liking, they have other good dishes as well.

Montichiello- (spelling might be off) La Porta. One of the best finds of our last trip. Has a terrace with views of the Val D' Ocia. Many people in the village hang out at its bar. Has wonderful variety of food and wine.

Montefollonico- Il Botteghino- Wonderful restaurant at again reasonable prices. Bill Sutherland can probably give you the exact directions as he lives there. Their homemade ravioli with walnut sauce is to die for!!!!

All the above restaurants with the exception of Late di Luna are a few minutes away from Pienza.

Please feel free to EMAIL me if you would like more detailed info. I have even more restaurant recommendations than I have listed. If you want to rent a apartment/house for a week I can recommend a wonderful agency based out of Montepulciano. If you are interested in a hotel the Hotel Il Chiostro di Pienza is supposed to be nice, but it can be expensive. There are others on the list who have stayed at agriturismos in the area, and I am sure they will be suggesting their favorites.


Leslie Alabama, USA