Subject: Re: Tuscany Questions from a new member
Hello Ed, We just returned from Italy a few days ago. We were there a little over a month, two weeks of which were spent in Tuscany near Montalcino. Pienza is one of the prettiest hill towns you will see and you should see as many as possible. Also the pecorino cheese that Pienza is famous for is almost worth the trip! They'll let you taste as many kinds as you want. You definitly need a car! In addition to the recomendations already made I also suggest the Eyewitness Guide to Tuscany. It's heavy but you can tear out the pages for the town you are going to visit. I would try to vist Olivetti Maggiore, a beautiful monestary in a beautiful setting.We attended vespers to hear the Gregorian chants of the monks and it was truly special. Had to jump into work as soon as we returned so haven't organized pictures, journal etc. but if you have any specific questions I'll try to answer them. Tuscany is special and so are the people. You're gonna love it! Best, Lyn Dallas