Subject: Re: Long Travelogue Re: Amalfi Coast, Capri,
Hi Richard As I said in another e-mail, specifically on driving in Italy, it took me back to driving on Australian country roads in the sixties, when we used to have an annual death toll to rival the rest of the world. It took a while to generate adrenalin in sufficient quantities to handle the coast roads around Amalfi, and the mountain roads north of Pescia (where we were caught in the middle of an unannounced car rally on a dirt road down the mountain from Vellano to Pescia), but by the time we came to a month in the south of Tuscany, it was like being in a time warp.

Only drove from Paris to Avignon, then across country through Provence to the coast at Cannes, and then along the motorway through 500 tunnels into Italy. Where was your worst experience?

Photographs????? 800 of them, and 15 hours off video. As it is now 12 months since our trip, we are having a daily session of reading the journal, watching the days video, and photographs. We will return next year for a 6 week fix. Cheers gavin