Subject: Re: Tuscany Questions from a new member
Ed, Just on these practical questions: the ATMs at your arrival airport should be fine for getting lire, provided you have a card on a big network and a four-digit PIN. If the ATM doesn't work, as has happened to me, you can go to the exchange booth and get an advance if your card is a debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo. ATM charges are increasing, but they're still a better deal and more convenient than other options.

Car rental is probably best for getting between small towns in Tuscany. If you want to keep driving to a minimum, I see that Avis has an agency in Chiusi, which is near Pienza on the Rome-Florence train line; expect Avis there to be open only limited hours. Renting there would save you some stress and gas costs of driving in cities and the autostrade; also the surcharge of renting at an airport. It's best to arrange the rental from the U.S. Auto Europe gets good marks for arranging good inclusive rates with Avis. When I used them last year, they said by e-mail that they only arranged rentals in the larger cities, but someone in the Travelzine said they got a rental in a smaller town when talking to Auto Europe on the phone. June should be very pleasant, and it's a great area.

Andrew Missouri