Subject: Re: Travelling to Eze from Paris ??
Hi Beverly,

When you wrote about the frustration involved in planning an elaborate trip, I could identify with those feelings. I consider myself an experienced travel planner, but I still sometimes come up against situations that make me anxious.

After reading what Richard had to say about the placement of the hotel outside of Eze, I recommend a car, or a change of hotel location. I don't think it will be convenient to get around as you would like from this location without a car.

You could take your originally planned train into Nice, and then rent a car. It is very easy to rent in Nice, and advance reservations with AutoEurope or another good discount agency would probably make it economical. Roads in the area, if I remember correctly, are fairly well marked, but sometimes steep, winding, and narrow.

If driving around the southern reaches of Provence is out of the question, then I would think about changing locations to a spot where train travel would be available. Eze and many other villages in the hills above the French Riviera may not be accessible by train. It has been awhile since I visited there, but I believe you really need a car to see the best sights in this area, or at least be prepared to do some bus travel.

Also, the old part of the town of Nice is very charming, and although hotels do not have a sea view, the can hold special charms, and the train station will be easy to get to for trips along the coast, to places like Cannes, Antibes, and Monaco. If memory serves, villages like St. Paul de Vence and Vaularis may not be reachable by train. I remember a bus ride from Nice, and a hike to the Foundation Maeght. The next day, we rented a car. ;-)

I would never give up the freedom and experience of planning my own trips to take a tour, but I do know that I am the type that feels some anxiety when things get a bit complicated and some of my plans don't work the way I want them to. It is a trade-off for me, and one that I make willingly. After several complicated journeys, I am willing to just prepare for a bit of anxiety!

I am sure that there are other Ziners who are more familiar with this area, but I wanted to write to encourage you to keep on planning.

Good luck Debbie in Pittsburgh